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At what temperature do you leave your thermostat to save energy?

The room thermostat can be left 15 to 18 degrees in the moments in which there is nobody in the house for this to keep the temperature can be up to 20 degrees in the moments that we are in the house.

How do I calculate the elements of radiator required in a home?

It is calculated by multiplying the square footage of each compartment by 0.8, you will also have to take into account other aspects of how an orientation of the housing, if it is an individual home or not, whether it is a block no. floor, etc

What is the pressure of water right in a boiler?

The correct pressure is 1.3 to 1.5, this must be maintained over time and does not need to be carrying the boiler, if the pressure drop is often there would be a problem of loss of water, you would find the solution.

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